Why automated testing?

You can fix some issues some times, but we can’t fix all the issues all the time.
(We can try though!)

You can fix some issues some times, but we can’t fix all the issues all the time.

We can try though!


As the demand for accessible websites in the Netherlands is skyrocketing as a result of new legislation (read more on that in this blog from my colleague Celil), developers and managers are wondering how to check if the websites and applications their responsible for conform to this new reality. 

In this series of articles we’ll have a look at the available options for keeping the finger on the pulse! eeehh ensuring your sites are accessible to the largest audience possible, so nobody has to say: 'ik doe niet meer mee'.

In these articles we’ll see what options you have to automatically check for accessibility issues, unfortunately we cannot catch all violations with automatic testing, an automated tool can’t verify that the tab order is logical or that the text used on the website is easy to understand.

There is no substitution for a human being when testing the accessibility of a website!

That being said, we’d want the human testing the website to focus on the items we can’t check automatically and have the automatic test check for the violations that cán be auto checked!

Which violations cán we catch?

Things like contrast, correct use of < H >eader tags, labels, alt texts, skip links, ARIA attributes et cetera are really easy to automate and pretty annoying to test manually.


Automated testing of course isn’t the holy grail, but it is an invaluable tool in your kit as both a developer and manager to ensure you comply to the latest legislation and of course to prevent visitors to your website saying Ik… doe niet meer mee, but instead making them #VriendenPeople!

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