Micro-animation, mega-benefit

14 March 2023
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Micro-animation, mega-benefit

We are always looking for ways to improve digital experiences for our customers. And that's where micro-animations come in! Did you know that adding small movements and subtle effects to digital interfaces can make a big difference in the user experience?

What is a micro-animation?

A micro-animation is a small, subtle animation used on a website, app, or other digital interface to clarify interactions, provide feedback on user actions, or improve the user experience. Micro-animations are often simple and short, lasting from a few milliseconds to several seconds. They can take different forms, such as changing the color of a button when the user hovers over it, slowly fading an image when the user navigates to a new page, or popping up a window when the user takes a certain action.

These are the benefits

Attracting attention

Micro-animations can attract the attention of visitors by displaying subtle movements. This can make visitors feel more engaged with the website and stay longer.

Improving user experience

Micro-animations can improve the user experience by providing visual feedback on actions taken by the user, such as clicking a button or filling out a form. This can help users understand what is happening and how the website works.

Focusing attention

Micro-animations can help focus the user's attention on important elements of the website, such as navigation or call-to-action buttons. This can encourage visitors to take desired actions, such as clicking a button to purchase a product.

Conveying emotions

Micro-animations can convey emotions and help strengthen the brand experience. Through the use of colors, movements, and sounds, micro-animations can emotionally engage visitors and convey brand values.

Differentiating from the competition

The use of micro-animations can differentiate a website from the competition and help create a unique brand experience. This can help visitors remember the website and return for more.

Providing feedback

Finally, micro-animations can provide feedback. For example, by displaying a "check" when customers enter their information correctly, or a thumbs-up when they successfully subscribe to a newsletter.

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