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Once, way before I started working at Finalist, I visited one of my clients to catch up. We had build them a new website a year before and I was curious how things were going. The website had been online, had been in use and was functioning properly. Now, after a somewhat longer period, I wanted to know how things were going.
The new system administrator joined and immediately brought one of her main concerns: 'I would like to be able to see and export all product data in the site!' To this question, I showed her how to do this using the CMS. The functionality was there... It had been built in on request during development.

Within a few clicks I had made an export. Contrary to my expectation, she looked at it - not happy - and snapped at her manager: "why don't I know that this is possible? I've been working on an overview like this for weeks..."

This may be a bit of an extreme example. However, it shows that sometimes the owner of a website is not aware of the possibilities that the website('s CMS) offers and that can be used... or worse... How expensive it can become if people don't know this.

A valuable tool is ultimately only as good as the skill of the person using it.

A CMS is a valuable tool with which an editor can ensure that a website is always up to date. Over time, the company may grow and/or change and the website will change accordingly. In addition, the role of editor will not always be in the hands of the same people and it is absolutely not sure whether all knowledge is properly transferred when someone else becomes editor.

Finalist editorial training

That is why we offer editorial training from Finalist to ensure that customers can get the best out of their website. A valuable tool is only as good as the skill of the person using it.
Create different types of content, implement structural changes or build an extensive form... it's all possible*. And of course it doesn't stop with the functions of the CMS alone. SEO and accessibility also play a role when creating and altering content. Understanding a CMS can help with that. And last but not least, a training course will provide insight into why functionality in a CMS works the way it does and why some things are- or are not possible at that moment.

If you are reading this and you are not yet a Finalist customer but you would still like to know what possiblities a (Drupal or Liferay) CMS can offer you or your organisation... Be sure to contact us for more information.

*This of course depends on the built-in capabilities and the user's permissions.


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