Drupal 8.6 shows its tasty features out of the box

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When I was at Drupal Europe 2018, I had the opportunity to see the new Drupal core profile Umami being demonstrated. Umami is available in Drupal core since version 8.6 and it aims at demonstrating Drupal's features.

Umami is an installation profile that shows anyone who is considering using Drupal (so called "evaluators") what it can do out of the box.

It provides the content (recipes), configuration and the theme (including all resources like javascript, css, images and fonts) for a fictional Food magazine called "Umami".

Umami Drupal profile screenshot
Umami Drupal profile screenshot

Umami has been developed by several members of the Drupal community over the last one and a half years and the result is quite impressive. It makes a huge difference from the out of the box experiences that we have become accustomed to in the past. We were used to be presented an empty screen in the layout of default themes Bartik, Garland or even Bluemarine.

It is important to note that Umami only uses Drupal core. So that means that no contributed modules (not even Paragraphs!!), no custom code and no experimental core modules (like the Layout builder) are included.

Besides that restriction, there were many other challenges such as the licensing of web fonts and whether to use British or American standards and wording in the recipes. This makes the end result even more impressive.

Umami is really meant as a demonstration and cannot be used as a starter kit for new sites. Future updates will not guarantee any backwards compatibility.

As soon as they are stable features of Drupal core will be expanded with, among others:

  • media library for easy organizing and adding images, videos and such;
  • layout builder for easy adding block content to a page;
  • content migration for importing the demo content. This feature depends on a CSV migration plugin to become available in core;

The developers did a great job in providing Drupal core for the first time in its history with tasty demo content out of the box!

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